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What do these unlimited hosting plans really mean?


I'm confused about unlimited hosting plans offered by GoDaddy. What does "unlimited" really mean? If I write a web game used by 1 million devices which communicate with my site every 30 seconds each, I'm pretty sure they're going to flip out. Does anyone know how these unlimited plans really work?

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Can you show me the link of that adverts please?

Normally what it means its( from web hosting point of view)

a) shared hosting
b) you will get unlimited amount of hard rive space
c) you will get unlimited amount of bandwidth

If I write a web game used by 1 million devices  which communicate with my site every 30 seconds each:

yes they will flip out, but you can just upload web base file , allow your user to upload data , download data

but to host a web game, i belived shared hosting will not work, because you will not have any access to file system or root permisison

you will just have a harddrive space where you will put your files thats all

Andres PeralesCommented:
If you are talking about web hosting, it typically refers to unlimited storage space for you website and unlimited monthly bandwidth to your site.
DJ_AM_JuiceboxAuthor Commented:
Right ok that makes sense. So I'm in a position where I need to probably support a million requests a day, but a very small amount of actual bandwidth used. I need a scalable database to store some data. I don't want to use mysql, it just won't scale well for my purposes.

I've been thinking about using google app engine due to its distributed nature, but am not sure whether it makes financial sense vs trying to build out my own little data center (that would take time and initial startup money though).

Anyone used google app engine or any general opinions about it? Is it a rip-off?

I dont know about google app engine...

if you dont want to use mysql, then in what capacity you are thinking of storing your data ???  in file system ???

a million requests a day :  to support a million request , one or 2 server would not work!! it will all depends how your application working and how client is connecting to the server. how your application handling memory and others


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