Micrsoft DFS on a MAC


I have a dfs platorm up and running and working well. Now we have some new Power Macs on our network how can i get them to connect to the dfs shares?

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Consensus seems to be that Thursby's AdmitMac is the way to go.
marookConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Well, if it's Power Mac's they are hardly new.. ;-) Might be Mac Pro's, right.. :-)

Anyway, fun aside, the small Diffiss app seems great for small installations, but if you really need things that work, ExtremeZ-IP is about 1000 times better than AdmitMac! (last time we tried those)
1: AdmitMac needs to be run on the local machine, so you need to use some sort of deployment (unless you manually rin around and install.. but you don't, right!)
2: Using ExtremeZ-IP, your Mac's can use AFP to the ExtremeZ-IP and not SMB. AFP (even Apples OS X Server) is a lot faster than SMB, so stay on that if at all possible.
3: ExtremeZ-IP is a server, so only one installation.. right? Or at least server sides only.
shaynegConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've used both and Admit Mac is bar far the best as it will give you many other advantages like linking the Macs into AD to receive group policy, login through AD, print through AD, home folders, Shares through AD, DFS, and the list goes on . . . .
It almost treats the Mac like a PC in the domain. It's also very easy to deploy and after you've spent 20 mins doing the first Mac you can then make a custom install based on the 1st Macs settings. You can then easily deploy this around to the other macs.
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