when changing passwords on remote DC's they are not replicating round


We have a large enviroment with many sites and one root doman with 4 child domains directly below that, I have had a report from helpdesk staff from one location stating that when they reset passwords on users accounts in DomainB they are not comming into force, i noticed that all of the staff are using one DC "DC03" to change these.

My first thought is that DC03 is unable to replicate with the PDC emulator for that domain which is "DC01" which is located in another site.

from DC03 I have tested i can ping and also browse to the netlogon folder of DC01 and this works

I chekced AD sites and services and looked at the NTDS settings of DC03, i have noticed that there are 26 connection ofjects in there to DC's from our various sites, all of the connections to the other DCs are named <automatically generated> however the connection object to DC01 is a series of numbers and letters.

Can anyone advise to me of why this would have happened and the best way to troubleshoot.


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what happens if you force replication? does it push through?
Mike KlineCommented:
Have you run dcdiag /v and repadmin /showreps on DC03.  Also run repadmin /kcc (kcc will recalculate replication)


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