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I  use outlook 2007 connected to ms exchange 2007.  recently when I go to the top and search for an email, say by name of sendee, it searches from late february and earlier.  Not anything today 3/31 or even this month.  i noticed it a few weeks ago and the searches were around 2/26 and before.  So after a few more weeks it still seems to search from 2/26 and prior.  Has anyone heard of this?
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InderjeetjaggiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to open outlook with cleanfinders switch(Start > Run > type "Outlook /cleanfinders" )

Also try to reindex your computer and check if it helps you.
1. In outlook 2007 go to > Tools > Instant Search > Search Options. Take the check out of "Personal Folders" and click OK. It will make you restart Outlook. Now, reverse the process and add the check back and it SHOULD re-index the mail file.

2. Control Panel > Indexing Options. Click on Advanced at the bottom, then click the Rebuild button. Be warned that this will rebuild the entire index for all files, not just outlook.

Also check if below article is helpful:
How to troubleshoot Search Folders in Outlook 2007 and in Outlook 2003

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