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Hello Dear Friends :-)
as my knowledge on Exchange is nearly around Freez Degree , so i have problem with Exchange Migration Wizzard
i want to Export all mails as PST (Active and Disables Users too) and i tried to do that with Exmerge , it's an old SmallBusiness2003 Server , i tried and wasn't successful :-(
i used a normal User with Admin Permission
installed/unpacked the Exmerge on desktop (on server) and it came out with a *.dll error , i Downloaded that *.dll and it's in same folder as Exmerge and Exmerge running perfectly
i have access to files but when i Exporting them , they are around 340 KB and it's not correct PST files , so i used Exchange Migzation Wizard
because don't wanna mess with new exchange , so i decided to import the PST files in Outlook on clients and then let Sync do the rest between clients and exchange
Exchange spillet PST files on 2GB each (for example if Mr.X have 11GB mails , Exchange splitted to 5x Mr.X.PST file on 2GB each + 1x 1GB )
exchange created a random Password for that , it's easy to find it via NotePad :-)
i didn't selected that check box for Exchange 5.5 on Migration Wizard
i could import that 1GB PST in Mr.X's Outlook but got error message when i tried on 2GB PSTs
it says PST file is too big for importing and i should Delete Old mails !!! ( there is just 12x new mail on new server for Mr.X so this error message is Crap ! )

any good idea/guide/solution/tip for me then ?!
i saying this again , i do NOT want do anything in new Exchange because i'm NOT expert , just want use Outlook to do that for me

Thanks :-)
OutSourced !
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Andres PeralesCommented:
the tools that you are using are Exchange tools.  Normally you can not use the PST's from Exmerge or the Exchange Migration Wizard directly within Outlook.
What Outlook Version are you using?  On the older Outlook Clients there is a 2 GB limit on PST files also.
OutsourcedAuthor Commented:
it's Office 2007 package !
i have limited time and lots of uset PST files to export
once i loged as user and synced Outlook with Exchange , then exported as PST file , it was 12 GB , i imported it to Clien'ts new PC and it was successful , but as i said i'm not expert on exchange and have not much time to log in as each user and export via Outlook ! :-(
How many mailboxes?
All the ones that are less than 2Gb big can be exported and imported using exmerge.

The ones over 2Gb you are going to have to do manually with Outlook. Don't use cached mode though otherwise you will be there forever waiting for the OST to synch up.
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OutsourcedAuthor Commented:
Dear MegaNuk3
problem is some of Clients not using Windows ! some MailBoxes used by MAC users !
there are around 40x mailboxes
and nearly 80% of users have over 15GB mails and attachments !
 and my cheff don't let us to import/export directly from Exchange ! because our Exchange man fired and we are not expert in that atm !!! ;-)
so do you have better idea ?
Thanks :-)
So what are you migrating from and to? Are the users getting new PC's or just a new mailbox on a new Exchange Server?

OutsourcedAuthor Commented:
they just got new Server , Old one was SBS2003 and new one is SBS2008 , and new server running
they just want to have all Old mails from Old server , somehow they want to have a backup from Old mails too , means i should have some Exported PST files from Old server + all mails should be in new server too , currently they have around 5-10GB new mails on new Server and larger than 12 GB old mails on Old Server !
this new Exchange is crappy and i don't dare play with it !
we preffer doing it as PST files and Import it in Outlook and let Sync do the rest !
i know it takes ages , but i'll do as cheff says ;-)
he wanted with this way :-P
since you are using SBS2008 which is effectively Exchange 2007, you should be able to use the import-mailbox command to import mail from PSTs direct into Exchange:

But you can do it with Outlook, but it will take hours and hours... Just don't forget to turn off cached mode while you do the import.

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Import-mailbox can import PSTs larger than 2Gb (should work up to 20Gb), more info here:
OutsourcedAuthor Commented:
nnnope , nothing worked :-( got lots of errors :-(
so OLNY easy way remained is usind *.edb file and use 3th party program to convert it to PST .
program cost me 400$ .
Thanks for help :-)
OutsourcedAuthor Commented:
Got lotts of Errors during process
Which program did you end up buying?
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