Computer not booting, after installing image from WDS

We are in the process of re-imaging all of our computers in the school I work at, We have used captured Xp pro images using WDS, then deployed them out to the other machines, and everything has work fine and all our desktops are now done.

However, We have a set of 16 Acer Aspire Ones, I install Windows on to one of them set them up etc.. I capture it with WDS, then deploy the image to antoher laptop with WDS on and it appears to deploy okay.

But however after the 'install' process is compleate, it reboots and just sits there, with a black DOS style screen, with the white cursor flashing in the top left corner.

So I created another captured another image, then deployed it other another computer, and it still had the same problem.

I then went back to step one, and got another of the laptops and reinstalled windows, and set it up from scratch thinking that it could be something to do with the config, I created a new capture image in WDS, and then deployed etc.. and still the same result.

Does anyone have any ideas what to try next? like I say we have followed the same process for the other 50 machines in the school, it i just this set of laptops that we are having the problem with.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I've seen problems like this before... I believe your issue is with the C: drive either not set to be active or there is a problem with the master boot record.  If I remember correctly, I used an Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to boot the system and then ran one of the MBR repair programs it has and verified through disk manager that the partition is set to active.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
This may have something to do with how the acer was partitioned originally (during imaging) vs. how it's partitioned now.

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BenjaminGibbsAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee,

In the windows setup we removed the other paritions, before we installed windows on the refrance machine, so that matchs up.

But I will look in to the your surggestioned on your first post next week, I have finsihed for the day now, then its easter weekend.

Thanks for the surggestion.
BenjaminGibbsAuthor Commented:
Thanks lee, you where right the Lite Touch Install formatted the drive diffrent on the ref machine, a quick fix was as it was only the 16 machine, I just ran the lite touch intstall on all the machines, only took an hour, then just flashed them from WDS with the new image.
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