creating an automatic password entry script


I have a small issue, I have installed on numerous laptops, K9 Web Protection and having to type in the password on each laptop takes too much time. The thing is, we need the software because it blocks access to lots of websites and other nasty things.

Is there a way that I can create some sort of script to automatically enter the correct password to re-enable internet access. I also would like to put this on a flash drive.

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deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
You could check out AutoITscript. This scripting language, which can be compiled too, is originally specifically designed to automate other programs.

You can for instance create a script that starts a setup program, clicks the "I Agree with the Eula" radio button, then clicks Next, Next, Finish.
Or start a program, wait for specific text to appear (enter password) and enter a password.

A similar tool from Microsoft is (or was) ScriptIt but with a lot less functionality


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keytrainAuthor Commented:
I will certainly look at it and try it out. Do you know if it has to be installed on each machine or if can I have it on my flash drive so that I can take around each of my learners laptops to be unlocked?

No Point Answer

No it doesn't, its basically a tool to create scripts, so basically you write the code and compile it to an executable.  The best method would be to select a Window and than select the field and type the password.  See an example below.

$VAR_Password = 'Your Password'
If WinExists('K9 Title Window') Then
  WinActivate('K9 Title Window','Name of the Password Control'); You can use the AutoIT Window Info Tool to find out the name of the control.

Open in new window

keytrainAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
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