Invisible Files Mystery FP Extensions and IIS7

I am currently on a project moving FrontPage webs to new hardware; the old server is Win 2000, the new one Server 2008.  The moves have gone fairly well, but I do have one mystery I cannot figure out.  One of the sites has a few folders that cannot be viewed in FrontPage.  The links work, and I can see the files when I look server side, but if I open the page in FrontPage the folder is not visible!

I did do an uninstall and reinstall of the extensions (not a full uninstall, as I did not want to have to redo all the permissions).  I would like to avoid doing a full uninstall of the permissions, but will if I have to.  Has anyone seen this?  Thanks.
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check and see if the network drive path is correctly mapped.  If you use a shortcut  to start the application, check the target and verify the target path is correct.  If that doesn't fix, then check the permissons on the folders.
Another way, try moving the files via FTP.  Then, as stated above check permissions.  
Melinda-DAuthor Commented:
In response to joeypolice, FTP breaks FrontPage extensions and causes all kinds of havoc so it should never be used.  I also only have port 80 to that server open.


With all due respect I have to disagree.  If FTP is used to upload files which use front Page server extensions, then yes they will need to be reset.  However, for simply uploading files and moving those which do not require SE, FTP will work just fine.   I use it all the time to upload files larger than 10MB to sites which use FP SE.  The extensions will not allow for larger file uploads, so FTP is the viable option.  
I just want to stress your point of "It should NEVER be used", as many times this is not the case.  FTP will work with FrontPage.  

If it were me, I would remove all extensions and use FTP to tansfer...then go through the work of setting it all back up again.  FTP will assure that you are getting all files and folders.  This thread should also shed some lite on your issue as well:


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Melinda-DAuthor Commented:
In the end, I completely removed the extensiosn and reinstalled them.  I had to add the entire list of users back in.
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