I want to put my local pictures into coverflowcontrol ,I have taken the free source code from

it works all fine but int the code below commented line to get the pictures works but the code that references to my local jpg image does not work to bring the image to CoverFlowControl

 public partial class MainPage : UserControl {
        private const string PREFIX =
        private ObservableCollection<Thumbnail> _thumbnails =
            new ObservableCollection<Thumbnail>();
        // CONSTRUCTOR
        public MainPage() {

            // Populate thumbnail collection
                new Thumbnail {
                    //Picture = PREFIX +
                    //    "7/78/Einstein1921_by_F_Schmutzer_4.jpg" +
                    //    "/225px-Einstein1921_by_F_Schmutzer_4.jpg"

                                     <!--DOES NOT WORK WHY?-->
                    Picture = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Fatih\\Desktop\\images\\i4200.jpg"

PLS help me i need to put my images to there not someone else's images so I give the path but it does not bring pictures...need help
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Unless specifically trusted and coded for, web application cannot access the local file system.
You will need to put your files onto a web server of some kind to get this to work.
You might also be able to include the folder in your project and when the project builds it includes that path in the debug webserver that starts. I usually have a web server handy that I will upload/to for this kind of thing.
Hope this helps.

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