Configuring interface tracking on Juniper SSG550M


I have a juniper active/standby cluster. I have 2 Internet links and want to use one as primary and the second as a backup. When the primary fails I want traffic to route down the backup link and when the primary comes backup, I want the firewall to failback to the primary link.

I have tried interface tracking but the route stays put and traffic doesn't go out the backup link. Is there anything I can do with regards to the vrouters? My Internet links terminate on 2 separate devices
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Please have a look at the link below:

Please check if the configuration is correct and update.

Thank you.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
If I understood correct, you do not want a device failover, but a interface failover. That requires that either the interface goes done physically (which will not be the case, I assume), or a monitoring of the remote gateway availability. I have to admint that I have not seen any option in ScreenOS to do the latter yet. If you can get RIP/OSPF updates from your ISP, that would work - the interface with a lower metric/cost will win over the other one, as long as it is available.

I assume you know about the consequences of interface failover - change of public IP aso., and the implications of that.


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