Load balancing MOSS Front End Servers using NLB on Windows 2008

I installed two Front End Servers A and B, in my new MOSS farm. Now I need to load balance these using NLB on Windows 2008 Server.

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Andres PeralesCommented:
Alright, you will need another IP Address what we will call the Virtual IP Address.  This will be the IP address that you will point your clients to to access your SharePoint site.  This IP will need to be registered in DNS to the URL that you will use for your SharePoint example. moss.yoursite.com.
You will need to open Server Manager, click on Features.  then Add Features, Add Features Wizard will display, find Network Load Balancing and check the box, hit next, you will get a Confirm, select install.  Once installed you should have the Network Load Balancing Manager under you Administrative Tools, Click there.
When the Network Load Balancing Manger opens, click Cluster New.
Add the hostname of the first host that is part of the cluster, this will be one of the web front ends, click Connect. Select the NIC that you want to answer for this traffic, click next.  Host Parameters should be find, click next, Cluster IP Address this is the Virtual IP, click Add, enter the IP information, click OK.  Will take you back to Cluster IP address window, click next, under Cluster Paraments the selected IP address should be selected, under full internet name enter the URL that you will use, Under Operations Mode, select Multicast if you have a single NIC. Click Next. For port rules click edit, select your port range, for web use 80 or 443.  Protocols Both, Filtering mode for your affinity will be based on how you want you affinity set, I typically use none.  Click OK.  Click Finish.
Then you will need to add the second node the other web front end.  Right click on the IP for your Virtual and select add host to cluster.

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PaawanAuthor Commented:
peralesa, thanks for that, infact I did some of those before I posted but unsure about couple of stuffs.

I have two front end servers, A and B with ip and 192.168..1.102

Now  on Server A, i added NLB feature and I added new cluster and I selected the nic which I am going to use and I specified cluster ip address as I then added Server A as the host, and finished that wizard. Then from the NLB manager I again added Server B also as the host.

NLB Manager showed both A and B Converged.

I tried to ping the cluster ip (100) and its responding. And I could access a MOSS site using the cluster ip address as well.

My questions now is,

1. as i added NLB feature only in Server A and if Server A goes  down, how can Server B respond.

2. After configuring everything I checked the network settings on A and B, especially IP addresses of both A and B have the cluster ip address as well along with their own ip address.

Can someone explain how these works?

Andres PeralesCommented:
1.  The NLB Manager is just that the manager portion, when you add a host to the NLB cluster it makes the appropriate configuration changes to each node in the NLB cluster.  Adding the Virtual IP to each of the nodes in the cluster.
If you take server A down, server B should answer up.  You can install the NLB Manager to Server B, run the manger select Cluster connect to existing, add server B as the host you are connecting too, and you will see the existing Cluster that you created from Server A.  They are interchangable.  If you add a Server C to your farm, you can go to the NLB Manger and add that server as a host / node to the NLB and you would have three servers answering up for the Virtual IP.
PaawanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that, I could see NLB feature also has been started in server B as well.
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