L2L Tunnel shows up as a user tunnel when I enter the show cry isa sa command

I have a tunnel which does not come up even through a SA is visible. I noticed when I type "sh cry isa sa" into the ASA that the tunnel type is shown as Type: User. The tunnel is configured as a L2L tunnel however.

Also, I see the following error:

error: Unable to remove PeerTblEntry

in Syslog.
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Can you post the crypto configs for either end?

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I'm running into this right now.  What was the issue?
Hi baldy, many people committed a lot of effort to the EE question and answer repository, and then were forced to abandon it when EE changed their policies and effectively required us to pay to continue using it.

If you are having difficulties, consider asking at http://superuser.com or http://serverfault.com where people will help, for free, and the questions and answers belong to the community.
Thanks muff.  I appreciate the response.
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