unable to contact dhcp server

I have sopratic windows XP Pro SP3, and some network printers that are unable to contact the DHCP Server (Windows 2008 DC)
I have plugged in a laptop directly to the jack and still unable to get IP, Ive assigned static IP and still no browsing, network connection
I have disabled DHCP on teh server and made my sonicwall the dhcp server as a tesdt.. and same thing, some PCs are OK, some are not
I have no idea whats going on.
ive rebooted the switches, troubled PCs are plugged into different switches and the working PCs are plugged into the same switch.

any idea where to start?

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Are these managed switches?  Have you changed the IP helper to reflect the new server's address?
nutekconsultantsAuthor Commented:
these are not managed switches
just regular dlink switches
what is IP Helper?
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Firewall issue maybe? do pathping and see how far you get.
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IP Helper passes the gateway and other information between managed switches.
nutekconsultantsAuthor Commented:
im calling Sonicwall right now
there is an error in the log saying "unable to connect to serverb"
not sure if that is anything....
cant be a virus on network can it?
or a workstation acting as dhcp server...?
Ive opned a call with Microsoft too.
You have authorised the DHCP server, I presume?  Here is a document to do it:

Dear Friend,

Just Check the printer with both the Service pack 3 installed PC's and Service Pack2 Installed PC's.

I am also caught in a same problem once.

That day i found. Problem is with Service Pack 3.

Its having some Printer spooler Valnurablity Patch. Afetr that patch installed printer spooler sometime  hanging and even print blocking.

Just Check and Reply.
nutekconsultantsAuthor Commented:
all the 3 PCs are Win XP Pro SP3
and yes the DHCP Server on the Windows 2008 DC is authorized
I also made temporarily the Sonicwall the DHCP Server to the same results, these PCs were unable to get IP from the sonicwall.>>
maybe change the NIC?? on a PC and see then?
Shoaib Hayat Butt, ITILSolutions ArchitectCommented:
If static IP is not working too, then lets change focus from DHCP to network itself.
First thing, get the uplink/ trunk media checked between the two switches.
I am preety sure its a cable fault.
put server and pc on the same switch and see what happens.  download wire shark to your pc and sniff the wire for dhcp traffic.

have you change the ip of the server recently?  can you set the pc to static and ping the server?

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nutekconsultantsAuthor Commented:
i removed all the old Dlink switches, rewired the entire patch panel 150 cables
installed 3 new HP procurve switches which are managed
and well its been 4 days now, and no reoccurance of that mind boggling issue~

DLink switches will do that to you!!!!
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