Motorola Droid Active Directory Password Sync

Some people in the office have purchased Droid phones and I configured them to sync with Exchange.  It is working perfectly however everyone's active directory password automatically expires every 90 days.  Is is possible to synchronize the user's actve directory password with the Droid so Exchange sync does not break when they change their AD password?  Right now the only option I know of is to manually change their password on the Droid.
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ggefterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
my guess is only way to do that is if the phone supports LDAP, which i dont think it does. Have you looked into good mobile messaging via OTA (over the air). Its a better way to get the phones to sync with exchange and it auto syncs. Also if the phone is ever lost, you can wipe the info on it from the console if there is proprietary info on it. Some other cool features also
DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
I have not checked into mobile messaging via OTA but I will certainly do so.  Thanks for the tip
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