Microsoft Outlook 2007 automatically opening in offline mode when connecting through vpn

Hello IT world.  I have a customer who is using Outlook 2007/WinXP sp3 over a vpn connection that tunnels into our network.  I have remoted into her local session and watched the entire process of her connecting the vpn, then opening outlook.  Immediately outlook goes into work offline mode.  It does not make a difference if she is in cached-exchange mode or not.  We have many users who do the same thing and she is the only one having the issue.  I have recreated her windows profile as well as her outlook email profile as well as re-installing office.  None of this matters. Immediately it goes back offline.  We have even modified the way vpn accesses our network to rule that out and still same results.  Thanks for your help.
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Check this out :
Check if that Client Computer is able to connect to the Exchange Server fine
To test connectivity try someone else profile on that Box
If all users have same symtoms then it is a connectivity issue

Over slow connections you should use cached mode.
After manually disabled offline mode, have you waited enough that complete mailbox content is transfered to cache? If her maibox is huge, it can take quite a while.
To eliminate taht the computer is the source of problems you can try to connect to another user mailbox, which works fine.

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otishelpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for both of your input. I am in the process of testing and checking the like Ethan sent me.  Davorin... she does have an dsl connection with about a 5/.5 down/up speed.  The thing is that she has been working from home through this connection for years and has recently started having this problem.  She is a lawyer(receives many large emails) which would make sense because I know her inbox is huge.  I will try and get back to you both.  Thanks so much for such a quick response.  
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