Ultra VNC and Windows 7

We just introduced a few windows 7 workstations into our 2003 domain.  We use Ultra VNC .  Connections work fine but the Ctrl Alt Del function gives an error " require service - no permission"
Any ideas on how to make this compatible -
thank you
wlasnerDirector, ITAsked:
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davorinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Andres PeralesCommented:
Why aren't you using the built in Remote Assistance / Remote Desktop functionality built into Windows 7?
wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
That is an RDP session, I need VNC
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Try RealVNC I  am using it with Windows  7 and it works fine.
wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
Needed those Vista add ons
wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
Thank you but we need to stay consistant with the ultra vnc - thank you for trying to help us.  This issue has bee nresolved.
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