What's the difference between "Applications" "Blackberry App World" "Downloads" and "Application Center"?

Can I delete or merge some of these?   (Could it be a little more confusing?!)

The points aren't so much because it is difficult to an expert, but because I'd appreciate a clear explanation!

Many thanks
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They are just easier ways to get there.
So say if you looked in your blackbery trying to find it....
Then you came to a folder.
That was easier to use.
quentinpAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I don't understand this - I don't think they all go to the same place.
Applications is just a folder where a variety of application icons can be moved to and from.
Application Center is a list of applications that are approved and marketed by your carrier to be downloaded.
Application World is a marketplace of applications from a variety of vendors, regardless of whether they're approved by your carrier.

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quentinpAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks.  I will re-label the Verizon one as "Verizon Apps" and "Applications" will either relabel and divide up into types of apps, or just move them all to the home screen.
No problems. Also thrown into the mix is the "Downloads" folder when often applications that you've downloaded via Application World will be put by default!
quentinpAuthor Commented:
P.S. Seems you *can't* rename "Application Center".  So I put this in another folder and called that "Verizon Applications".  I can't put this folder inside "Applications" as it appears you can only nest down one level.....
It really annoys me when companies are fighting to become my interface to a piece of technology  - HP tried to take over my whole computer just because I added one of their printers, and heavenforbid if you install software that comes with your camera.  Now I have Verizon and BBY trying to out-wow me with their apps on my phone, and making the entire thing incomprehensible as a result.  Sigh.
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