Port Forward Terminal Services Through Win 2003 Small Business Server

I am running Windows 2003 Small Business Server SP2, which has 2 network cards, one is connected to the external leased line, and the other one is for the internal network. The SBS server has the firewall enabled, and only allows SMTP, (for Exchange) HTTPS (for OWA) inbound.

I also have a Windows 2003 standard server, (this is a member server of the SBS domain) that I am using as a terminal services server, in application mode. Our internal users use this server, and I would now like to allow people to connect to it externally. However, I can't see anyway of allowing the firewall to port forward port 3389 to the Terminal Services servers IP address. I can enable Terminal Services in the firewall configuration, but this only allows you to connect to the SBS server with terminal services, it doesn't forward to the terminal services server.

How can I get external TS clients, to pass through the SBS server, to the internal TS server?
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SnowWolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Administrative tools > Routing and remote access
Then "Servername" > IP Routing > NAT/Basic firewall
Right click "external" (the wan interface) and choose properties
Select "services and Ports" tab, select "remote desktop" and click edit
You can then change the private address to the one of your internal server
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