Hi all,
I have a HP Proliant ML350 G3 server with a HP Smart Array 641 contoller and an internal HP Storageworks Ultrium 460 tape drive.

My server is running Windows 2003 Server Std edition SP2.

I have 3 drives (in a raid 5 config) partitioned into C: = system drive (OS) and D: = data partition.

I would like to take an image of the OS (with current settings/config) I am not too concerned about the Data partition for the image.

Can this be done through HP OBDR (One Button Disaster Recovery)? If so my questions are as follows:

1) Do I need specific backup software to use OBDR? - currently use good old 'NT Backup' to perform backups of the Data Partition.

2) Does anyone use the OBDR utility and is it an enterprise solution??

 Once I have backed up / imaged the OS I will restore the image to a fresh set of disks to disks to test the integrity of the retore - therfore my contingency plan is that I have the original disks that make up the current disk array (labelled -  so that I can recreate the original setup if the restore is not integrable).


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davorinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Compatibility matrix:

OBDR website Q&A::

It should work, but I have not never tried it.
Don S.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Remember OBDR is not an image.  All it does is make the tape bootable and execute code to enable you to perform a full restore from tape.  I also have not tried it.
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