unable to ALTER a view in a replicated database.

Hello Experts,

I am unable to ALTER a view in a replicated database.
Replication has been newly setup for this database.
I have DDL Admin permissions on the database and Alter View is failing with the below error:

Msg 21050, level 14, State 1, Procedure sp_MSreplcheck_publish, line 16
Only members of the sysadmin fixedserver role or db_owner fixed database role can perform this operation. Contact an administrator with sufficient permissions to perform this.
msg 3609, level 16, State 2, procedure <ViewName>
The transaction ended in the trigger. The batch has been aborted.

It is SQL Server 2005 Std on Win 2K3.

Is replication causing this. Please help me in solving this.

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LowfatspreadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what does the view look like?
what alteration are you trying to make?

is the replication id a member of sysadmin or ddladmin or dbo...

confirm that the procedure mentioned is a generated replication procedure?
You have some trigger attached to your tables.
Read this article : http://www.databasejournal.com/features/mssql/print.php/3581846 
dba2dbaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.
I verified that there is no trigger created on the table. could there be any other possibility why this happens.
dba2dbaAuthor Commented:
The View is just from one table. Few columns are derived to a view.

Iam trying to add a new column to the view.

is, replication ID is sysadmin. Im a DDL admin and trying to ALTER it.

I see that the procedure is a system procedure, Please take a look at this link


sorry this database is a publisher?

if it is I believe that the id which is having the problem is not yours but the id under which thereplication is running...

have you published this view in an article?
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