Sharepoint 2007 - change multiple items with manual workflow

I need a workflow that will change a field for multiple items in a list based on the item status. So if 45 items have a status of Resolved, I want to change that status to Closed with a manually started workflow. I cannot start it automatically on item change, as the status of Resolved can apply for an indeterminate amount of time.

I don't want to have to start the workflow from each list item. Can anyone suggest options for achieving this?  I have access to SharePoint Designer.

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thmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like a better plan to use admin job that runs every a few minutes to check the status of the items and then make changes based on your criteria. This will require programming in Visual Studio not SharePoint Designer.
you won't be able to do it with sharepoint designer. you would have to custom code it with visual studio. The part I don't understand is your reason for not being able to do it on item change when status is set to resolve. You said it could stay at resolved for an "indeterminate" amount of time. Well how would your manual workflow know which resolved's to change to closed and which ones to leave as resolved?
TEEDAAuthor Commented:
it would change all resolved calls to closed at a point in time chosen by a tech. An item could be resolved and remain so for a week, a month. Calls show as resolved until the tech sends a report showing all calss and their status, then the resolved calls need to be closed so they dont show on subsequent reports.

Thanks, guys. I had a feeling this wasnt going to be an easy one.
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