Exchange 2010 Edge Server in Exchange 2007 organization

I have read in many of the technet articles that Exchange 2010 and exchange 2007 can coexist in the same organization. Here is my scenario:

1 existing exchange 2007 server in a single active directory domain on windows 2003 r2 server
1 new exchange 2010 edge transport setup in a workgroup in the dmz on windows server 2008

I would like to use the exchange 2010 server with the edge tranport role servicing the exchange 2007 Mailbox/hub transport server.

Exchange 2007 is running SP1 but later today I plan on upgrading it to SP2.

First I want to know if this scenario can exist, from everything I have read they can coexist together. Secondaly, I am getting an error when I try to import the edge subscription file into the exchange 2007 server.

"The version of the edge subscription doesn't match any hub transport servers in the subscribed site"

The edge is in a workgroup and when I do an export of the edge subscription this is the command I ran:

New-EdgeSubscription -FileName "C:\EdgeSubscriptionInfo.xml"

I never specified a AD site name, could that be the reason why? Wasn't sure what the exact syntax was.

I have verified the time on both servers is synched and name resolution is working properly.

I am working with a deadline so if this doesn't work i may have to uninstall ex2010 on the new edge box and install ex 2007.

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Yes this scenario is definitely possible. Check the following Link:

If the Edge Subscription is failing which looks like is the case, how about doing it manually? Should not take too long especially if not many agents and connectors are configured. Besides As per the above article all configuration is automatically copied when setup is running on Edge server.


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paragonsubroAuthor Commented:
After I installed Service Pack two on the Exchange 2007 Hub transport server the Edge Subscription was successful.

Now I got a another problem on my hands, OWA and all our Blackberry's stopped working since I made the edge smtp gateway live and pointed the mx record to the edge server. All other mailflow is working but OWA and blackberry's which use the OWA url stopped working.

What could cause this?
paragonsubroAuthor Commented:
Never mind I figured it out, when I took the public IP from the Exchange Hub server and gave it to the Edge server the mail flow started going through the edge but the OWA broke because the address had changed. I gave owa a new IP and now all is well.

Thank you for all the help I will be closing this incident!
paragonsubroAuthor Commented:
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