center an image - position absolute

currently images are left aligned. i need to center them on the page and they're not all the same width. i also don't think i can get rid of position:absolute; in the img style - i did this originally and managed to center the images but my fade transition between images got screwed up until i put position:absolute; back.

here's the container class:

/*projects image rotator*/
margin:-20px 0 0 0;

here's the img style:

 ul.briask-iss li img {display:none;position:absolute;top:0;padding:0px;left:0;border:none;background:none;margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; }
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If you take out the absolute positioning it breaks in IE 7, but works in FF.
The easiest thing would be to conditionally comment for IE 7.  
phillystyle123Author Commented:
it doesn't completely work in ff - the image transition is effected - see how the images don't fade into each other smoothly if the absolute positioning isnt there.
Hi phillystyle123,
You will need to remove the position:absolute from the image, however in order not to affect the transition, you can try setting the parent element <li> position to absolute and give it appropriate width and text-align:center.

Remove the position:abolute from the class ul.briask-iss li img and update the ul.briask-iss li class as below

ul.briask-iss li {
background:transparent none repeat scroll 0 0;

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phillystyle123Author Commented:
genius remorina - worked perfectly - thanks for the help!
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