Looking for web tracking software


Our marketing department is look for a good, but hopefully fairly prices software to help track visitors to our website and generate metrics reports used for finding leads, etc.

We are considering such as VisualVisitor but it's somewhat pricey and are looking for alternatives.

We are a small company so cost is of some concerns. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Geoff KenyonCommented:
What kind of metric reports are you looking for?

Google Analytics is really powerful and works for most organizations (and it's free). It is really easy to use and it works well. If you need something more powerful, you may want to look into Jaspersoft http://www.jaspersoft.com/

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Andres PeralesCommented:
I second Google Analytics, and it is free.
A third vote for Google analytics.  It is what Hotels.com uses, if its good enough for them, good enough for me.
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Fourth vote for Analytics. In addition, I have done some research in the matter and I have had experience with clients using competitors to GA. In my (limited) experience, out of 4 GA competitors my clients were using 3 turned out to be companies that took the GA code and then redressed it as their own. I couldn't believe it. In one case it was blatant and in my opinion their custom interface was worse than GA. Maybe because I am used to GA and I wasn't familiar with their presentation.

But at $75 a month I thought it was a rip-off.

I'd say go with Analytics, then at least you can establish a baseline of where you are. As you get familiar with GA look at other options and vendors and see what they can give you for the money.

Ask them to have you take a look at a demo site or success stories. Check the actual code they have you insert in your pages and make sure it doesn't say "Google" in it :)

The other thing to keep in mind is that tracking software is only useful if you know how to interpret it. I find many of my clients get very excited, install GA and then they discover they have no knowledge r resources to interpret what it means for their site (I am not an SEO or GA specialist, so I can't help them).

Whatever program you end up using make sure you have the resources to actually use it and derive actionable information from it.
A couple other options are visastat and woopra.  The stats provided by those companies are live!  You can see who is on your site right now and you can monitor your site in real time.  Woopra is fairly new but it's come a long way.  they have a free version so check it out, you'll be amazed.  Visastat has been around a lot longer so it's a more solid solution for historical data.  If you ever need support, you can call Visastat and they'll answer the phone and help you right away.  I doubt google analytics has phone support and their data is not live, it's usually a day behind.  So if those are important to you then check out visastat or woopra.
mbresitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyone's suggestions. We appreciate it. It appears GA should fit out needs.

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