Group Policy - Policies not applying correctly in Citrix environment


We are trying to get some drive mapping policies applied to my users when they log into our Citrix environment.

We are running 2008 domain controllers and using the new 2008 GPO's for drive mapping.  The Citrix servers are all 08 servers running Citrix XenApp5.

We have an OU with the Citrix Servers in it.
We have an OU with the users in it.

We have a policy set to map a drive.  Where to I place this policy so that it only affects the user when he/she logs into Citrix?  Do I apply them to the computer ou or the user ou?  And if the user ou, wouldnt that affect them when they log into the domain as well?

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Rick FeeConnect With a Mentor Messaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
here is a good start for applying policies to terminal/citrix servers:;en-us;260370

Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
This is always the can do something like a kix start script OR are all your Citrix users going to get the same mapped drives in your citrix env?   If all the same just setup a start up script in the local policy of the Citrix servers.
caw01Author Commented:
I will look at that article.  The problem with the scripts is that while they generally work all the time, security is more difficult with them and damnit, the GPO's should work!  :)  So I want them to...  
caw01Author Commented:
Once we got rid of our 2003 domain controllers and upgraded to all 2008 DC's, our drive map policies seemed to work fine.
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