How do i get public folders working in owa exchange 2010

I am in the middle of a migration from Exchange 2007 to Eaxchange 2010.  I have one Eaxhange 2007 mailbox database left.  There all no more mailboxes on it, just the public folders database.  I have two new Exchange 2010 mailbox servers.  Ive created a public folder databse on one of the new Exchange 2010 servers and setup replication. If i use the EX 10 management console, i am able to pull up the public folder manager and see all of the public folders and the contents within.  I can see all of the public folders within outlook 2007, just not owa.  I have made sure that the mailbox store is associated to the public folders on the ex 10 mailbox server.  when i logon to owa 2010, i can see my mailbox.  i can click on public folders, and all of the public folders folders show up, but not the contents inside.  i get an error "The public folder you're trying to access couldn't be found. For more information, contact your helpdesk."  I cant figure this one out.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is what I thought because what you are facing is becoming a known issue.

Please turn of the 2007 and you should notice (unless I am mistaken) that it won't work even in outlook

if so then your solution is on this blog post i made
for a test shutdown your exchange 2003 and test accessing your PF from outlook does it work ?

where you on exchange 2003 before exchange 2007 ?
colonialiu20Author Commented:
Yes, we were exhange 2003 before 2007. Why do you ask?
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Alicart IT Dept.Commented:
Im having the same issue we were on exchange 2003 migrated to 2007 then to 2010.

So I made sure that the public folders were being replicated to the new 2010 exchange server.

I did a force replicate on the AD and still nothing.

Alicart IT Dept.Commented:
I also forgot to mention i can still access the public folders via outlook just not Outlook web app
Have same exact problem, but we dont have Exchange 2003 in the org.

Any suggestions?
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