How do I crack a cisco secret password?

I have a router I need to get into.  I have a copy of the config and shows following:
username xxxxxxxxx privilege 15 secret 5 $1$dOq3$sQl6eqcJJMHXKt2NcBqjA1
I need the password so I can get into it.  I have xx'ed out the username
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You really can't crack it ...

Do a password recovery.  If you give me the exact model # I can post a link to the password recovery procedure for you.
You can't, it is MD5, not possible

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
While it can't be cracked, there are two (or three depending on how you count) workarounds.

1) Brute force. Use a program like Cain & Able. This can take a LONG time and no guarantee that you'll find out what it is.

2) Brute force II. Use a rainbow table. A bit easier than above, but still no guarantee

3) Password Recovery. Easiest and fastest. Pick your platform from the list and you'll be able to reset the password.


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Another good alternative for Bruteforcing which may be quicker is John the Ripper.

Google around for an all inclusive .pot file and load it into JTR and let it run.

Its not impossible, but not fun either.
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