Can an expired sql server 2005 subscription be re-initialized?

We have 7 sites that use sql 2005 databases (merge) replicating happily to each other with Push subscriptions.

Unknowingly the comms at 1 site had been down for just over 2 weeks and because the default setting on expired subscriptions was not changed from 14 days, 1 site is now expired.

How do I re-subscribe it? We have 1 site as the publisher and all other sites subscribe to the main site.
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alexkingAuthor Commented:
Thanks, useful links, some of which I already came across - since I am only re-initializing 1 site out of 7, if it insists on re-creating the snapshot, will this have any effect on the other subscriptions that I don't want touching? It won't try and re-apply the initial snapshot to the other subscriptions as the data is 6GB and that will not be possible over the broadband?
A single subscription or all subscriptions to a publication are marked for reinitialization.

Upload unsynchronized changes before reinitialization for Merge replication only. Select to upload any pending changes from the subscription database before the data at the Subscriber is overwritten with a snapshot.
If you add, drop, or change a parameterized filter, pending changes at the Subscriber cannot be uploaded to the Publisher during reinitialization. If you want to upload pending changes, synchronize all subscriptions before changing the filter.

According to BOL, Reinitializing a subscription involves applying a new snapshot of one or more articles to one or more Subscribers.transactional and snapshot replication allow individual articles to be reinitialized; merge replication requires all articles to be reinitialized. (But 1 subscription at a time should be okay)

You should be able to reinitialize a specific subscription without affecting other subscriptions. Simply locate the subscription you want to reinitialize in SEM->right-click->reinitialize.. re-generate snapshot and you should be good to go.

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alexkingAuthor Commented:
Thankyou that makes it much clearer - I am running some test this weekend before trying it on the live database :)

It is quite alarming how during the process it appears to have wiped all data from the subscripbing database!
alexkingAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your help - it's so hard to find people who can help with replication questions!
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