Blackberry 8350i not synchronizing email, contacts and tasks with Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 5

I recently deployed a new BES express server. I attached 5 BB devices and none seem to be able to syncronize email, tasks or contacts. They are able to send and receive email fine.
Is there anything that needs to be configured on the server or the device to start syncing?
Also 2 of those devices have an enterprise data plan and the rest only have regular interenet plan. I do not know if this has to do anything with the problem.
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Hi, did you follow the installation instructions from blackberry?

Also, the blackberry devices need to have blackberry data services active on them for them to communicate over the RIM network.
sammydlcAuthor Commented:
Yes all settings are set as mentioned on the installation document. Like I mention they can receive and send emails without problems except that changes that they do on their BB or the Outlook do not synchronize to either side.

2 Devvices have a Enterprise Data Plan
3 Devices have a Standard Data Plan
So, when they enter a contact, appointment, note, those don't sync across?

What email server/version are you using?
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sammydlcAuthor Commented:
No, nothing synchornizes.
I am using Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 for out client programs
Exchange 2007 in a Windows Essntial business Server 2008.
Nextel/sprint as our carrier.
2 Enterprise Data plans
3 Standard Data plans

Is there anything that needs to be confiured on the server after installatin>?
You've gone into the bes admin site, added the user accounts that need service, generated the activation codes for the users, then on the blackberries done the blackberry service activation (as part of email setup, asks you if you have a blackberry server, then asks for the users email address and activation password)?
sammydlcAuthor Commented:
Yes, all this has already been done.
Like i mention, they are connected to the BES and they can send and receive email from their devices.
The only thing is that if they add a contact on their BB or PC it does not sync.
Same goes with tasks
If they delete an email on their BB or move it to a folder it does not do it on the opposite device.
Ok, a few things,

1.  lets make sure the blackberry services on the server are running with the blackberry service account you created.
2.  lets make sure the account has the correct permissions
3.  lets verify and check the CDO.

Once that's done, remove a user from the server, wipe the handheld, add the user to the server & activate the user on the handheld.  Do it all wirelessly, don't use the end user desktop software to do it.


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sammydlcAuthor Commented:
Ended up replacing the phone. This finally synced
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