can Outlook cached mail be removed/overwritten by an older mail server ?

current Exchange 2003 (a Citrix virtual machine) has slow issue. We plan to use an image (one month old) to restore it to a previous state. But we have a question. Because this image has one month less data on it, after we start to use it (before restoring mail back to clients), will it automatically remove/delete a month mail (from the day to 30 days ago) from client cached Outlook? Because restoring one month mail to everyone takes time, it will definitely cause panic in clients.
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Your fastes option is to exmerge of make a backup of you exchange and do a restore.
That way you dont have to backup or restore every user one by one.

The cached outlook files are not a backup. so it is not a 100% full proof method.
Did you find out why the exchange is slow? because you can be at this point again in a month time.
sjacctAuthor Commented:
everything is extremely slow on current Exchange, including backup. We can't get a full backup in short time. it only started to have issue yesterday. No time to find out what happening on current server. We have to use month old image because it is the only one. I don't think my question was answered so far. I know it is not a full proof method.

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sjacctAuthor Commented:
it could be the cause of virus. Lots of mails wait to go out.
Check to see if your server is an open relay also...  The OST files as mhtwins mentioned isn't a fool proof method, and I haven't heard of anyone restoring back a month old image hoping that the e-mail in the OST file would keep all the new mail...  

One thing that could also happen is that depending on when the computer's Domain SID was last updates, it may need to be taken out of the domain and put back in, and possibly end user configurations may not recognize the connection to Exchange any more.  That would mean you might have to go to each workstation thats running Outlook and delete and recreate the connection to Exchange.  It shouldn't happen, but what your looking to do is quite an unusual task...  Good luck!
sjacctAuthor Commented:
please don't make the question owner's comments as a solution. Thanks.
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