Email messages not displaying on my BlackBerry

When I open my emails that are located in the Messages folder, all i show is who the email is from and in the body of the email it says, More available: xxxx bytes. This message appears for any email that I open. I deleted my account off of my office's BES server and re-synced everything. All other aspects of the BB are working just fine. It just won't display the body of any emails. Does anyone know how to clear this up? I looked at the memory on the phone as well and I have plenty of memory available and also have an additional memory card that has almost no space taken up.
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jln543Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up having to delete the desktop [CMIME] field and resend the service book from the BES
Are the messages still in your outlook mailbox or have they been moved somewhere other than the inbox.  If the messages are moved the blackberry usually doesn't know where to find them and can't pull the rest of the email.

By default the blackberry only sends the first x bytes of an email to a device to save network bandwidth.  So if you delete the message from outlook, the blackberry can't pull the rest.
Sounds stupid. But we had some troubles as well with not recieving any message on a blackberry.
The solution was: take out the sim and batterie wait 5 minutes and but it back together again.
dont ask me why, But we tried it without taking out he sim. That did not work. And everything was oke again we we cleared the sim as well.

Hope it helps
jln543Author Commented:
The messages are still in my Outlook Inbox.  They haven't been moved or deleted.  I tried pulling the battery and the SIM, waiting a few minutes and replacing them but it still didn't clear up the problem.
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