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The products LogMeIn, WebEx, Meeting Manager, Bomgar, etc all do a great job of accessing remote computers and taking control of the desktop for remote servicing or configuration changes.  The issue I am dealing with is determining the risk rating of the session.

What I am trying to find is software like one of the ones listed above that have dashboard reporting that rates the session's risk.

For example, User A is conducting a demo using one of the software solutions above and turns over control of her mouse to the attendee to demonstrate something.

User B is in the data center and has just turned control of the desktop over to the technician of XYZ Consulting to change the configuration settings of the company's ecom firewall.

All the solutions will show me what IP addresses where involved and how long the session was, but what I want is a dashboard and report that actually show the names of the owners of the IP addresses and a nice color indicator that shows that User B's session is RED hot and User's A is green.

Any suggestions on products to look at or how to do this?

Thank you,
Steph M
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Steph_MConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Back to the drawing board.  

Does anyone know of any examples out there that I can build myself using something like MS Access, Crystal Reporting, or BIRT?

I don't think you're going to find an out of the box solution for this request.  The metrics you'd use to assign risk values to a session may not be the same as someone else, making it more likely you'll need a specifically developed dashboard (at a high price).  WebEx offers a feature called global watch (and I think LogMeIn has a similar function) that allows you to view sessions between users in real time, view the latency, file transfers, and other information.

Given this framework, Webex could create something for you that would do this task, and LogMeIn would also offer their professional services for the task.  Bomgar would allow you a potentially greater insight because their servers would be hosted on your site, perhaps advantageous, but they are the more expensive option of these you've listed.
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