Create a New Document other than default in Document Library?

When creating our  Document Library on our Intranet, we always select Microsoft Word as the default document type. (see image attached)

But what if a User want's to create an Excel document instead from within this Library?
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, click on Document Library Settings
Under there you will see a section for Content Types
Andres PeralesCommented:
You will need to add a new content type for the Site Collection that you want add the additional new contents. Click on site acctions, Site Settings.  Then under Galleries select Site Content Type Gallery.  From select Create, give it a name such as Excel or name of your own.  Give it a description, under Parent Conent Type select Document Content Types, under Parent Content Type select document.  Under Put this site content type into, select existing group and select Document Content Types.  When you click Ok you will see the Site Content type that you created.
Select Advanced Settings > Then Upload a new document Template.  This can be an exiting document that you already created with letterhead and such or just a blank word, powerpoint or excel document to use as the template.   you can pick the defaults or make changes click on OK.
Once you have created the content type and the uploaded the template.  Go to the document library that you want to implement this on, select Settings > under the content types section, select add from exisiting site contents types > at the next wizard Select Document Content types, you should see the content type you created. Select that...and click Add, then ok.
Go to you document library select the arrow next to new, and you should have your option...
sandshakimiAuthor Commented:
I got stuck on
" Go to the document library that you want to implement this on, select Settings > under the content types section"
I don't have that option.
See attached.

If you just want to replace the Word document with an Excel document on a specific library, then you could change the existing template in the library.
Create a template (for example template.xlsx). Upload it to the Forms folder on the desired library. (you could use Explorer view or SharePoint Designer to do that). Then navigate to Settings->Document Library Settings. Click on Advanced settings and modify the "Template URL" field to point to the new template.
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