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We have 4 locations, all connect back to our main office via Sonicwall TZ210.  Those were installed about 3 weeks ago.   Since then and maybe its coincidence, we have 1 location that looses their connection about every hour.   They get the message:   Connection has been lost.  Attempting to reconnect your session.   Connection attemt x of xx.   And odd... At times it isn't necessarily all users.   Could there be a timeout setting I need to look at?
We have checked the local ISP and don't find any problems.   I have went thru the Sonicwall config. various times hoping to discover a setting that might be different than our other locations.  This location connects via DSL service.  This is driving me nutty...Any help greatly appreciated
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bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
I thought I should add, there is nothing in the logs as I have been monitoring them and had users tell me the time they loose the connection so I can trace it.   Nothing....     Also, I have opened a ping -t command on their PC to our server to see if this helped then I might know if it was timing out?????   They still lost connection.    I have also did a ping from their location to main facility and the other way around.    Didnt see anything ......

on you router check to see if there is a refresh dns or reboot setting.  I havn't used a sonicwall in a while but i am pretty sure there is a time where you can set the router to either reboot or release and renew ip's to refresh leases.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Nothing seems to be resolving the issue.  I have Sonicwall looking into it.  No luck so far.
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
WOW, talk about frustration......First thing we checked was the local ISP.   They assured us there were no problems.   So I fought this for about 4 weeks on and off, doing research and asking for help from Sonicwall.    Well, in comes a rep from the local ISP and they had a bad card.   Replaced it and since we have had no problems.    

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