How does Serializable interface work

Serializable interface is a marker interface. A marker interface has no methods in it. They mark the class by identifying the java type that confirms to the interface.
My question is just by implementing a class as serializable how is a class getting serialized without any serializable method being executed.
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It just marks the class as Serializable in the JVM. After this when ObjectOutputStream needs to serialize, it does check if the object is from the type.

Think of this like locked features - when you implement the interface, you just unlock them.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
how it all works is documented here

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One question to Venabili,

You told "Think of this like locked features - when you implement the interface,  you just unlock them."

But if you implement the same functionality which is present in ObjectOutputStream in one of your own class, and then use that class to serialize an Object (also you do not check in your implemented class whether the object to be serialized implements Serializable), will the object be not Serialized ??
We are talking about how the interface works, not when an object is considered serializable :)

As far as the interface is concerned, I still call it unlocking of features. I am not saying that it is the only way to unlock them but this is the way to unlock it for the default implementation.

What you want to do outside of the standard way is up to you. If you want to implement all the serializations from scratch, you are welcome to.
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