Wake On LAN across subnets

In an application (visual basic 2010) that i'm making, i list all of the computers in our domain.  From there, the user can choose to wake a computer via WOL.  this works great on the local subnet, but obviously it fails when trying to wakeup a computer across subnets (offices) since our MPLS routers are not set to forward those requests.  So, knowing that router re-configuration is not an option in our environment, what options do I have?  Is there an option in Active Directory somewhere to delegate a "WOL proxy server" at each location that will receive the requests and forward them to the machine that I need to wake up?  Or is there something else that i'm completely missing?  I know there are utilities out there that can perform this function (SpecOPS GPUpdate, for example), but I am attemping to integrate this feature into my own VB .NET application, so please remember that in your responses.  

Thanks for any and all help!
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If you have web server on each location, create a web page there  to generate WOL packets and call them from your application

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olinccuAuthor Commented:
excellent suggestion.  we do not have a web server at each location currently.  we do have a domain controller, so i was hoping to utilize that aspect (without installing IIS and all that jazz).  but i do like that suggestion.  i've also thought about creating a "client" application that runs on each of those servers to act as the WOL liaison/forwarder.  but, i'm REALLY hoping there's an easier way to do it.

keep the suggestions coming.  thanks!
Write a client s/w to check database.  Server / Master application will post into the database.  
olinccuAuthor Commented:
nice!  i like that one the best so far.  client can just poll the DB every X number of seconds to see if there are any pending WOL tasks to complete?  pretty good thinkin!

i'm open for more suggestions, but i really like that one.
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