Cisco Business switch configuration SLM2048

I recently purchased several SLM2048 Cisco switchs.  In the past when I installed switches I could take them "out of the box"  change there IP address plug them in and daisy chain them.  And things would just work..
The switches  I mentioned above are not being that friendly...I have no VLan's nothing I just want to stack the switches and be able to connect from switch to the other.. Suggestions?
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This switch has  Port-based and 802.1Q tag-based VLANs.  So explain what exactly you are looking for
luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
how deep are you on the switches?  I know many of the linksys products have issues once you get to 5 hops back to the router.
sullendAuthor Commented:
I have a total of 4 switches in place right now.. 2 of them are 2950's (100Mb) and 2 of them are SLM2048'  

I can connect the 2950's to each of the SLM2048's but I cannot connect the SLM2048 switches to each other..

My goal is to remove the 2950's and until I can get the SLM2048's to work..
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luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
are you using the SFP or doing ethernet?
sullendAuthor Commented:
We have Fiber connectors which I would like to use but they dont appear to work... so for now I am using ethernet.

I moved the ethernet out of port 48 and into one of the other ports (17) and the switches are NOW passing traffic.. still clueless as to why..
Would love to use the fiber connectors if I can figure out how...

Thanks for help...
luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
So you have two SFP’s and the fiber to connect them?
Both SFP’s are the same mode as the fiber? And you are sure they are supported by the switch?
Linksys states you must use
MFEFX1 (100BASE-FX) or MFELX1 (100BASE-LX) 100SFP Transceivers

Also if you use miniGBIC 1 the Port 24 becomes disabled
if you use miniGBIC 2 then Port 48 becomes disabled

make sure you do not have wires in those.  The ports are auto enable / sensing so if the SFP’s were in the switch that is why port 48 was not working.

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sullendAuthor Commented:
will confirm tomorrow if the SFP's are the correct ones thank you again
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