SSRS 2005: Centering a subreport inside a table

I am building a report and have need to include a couple subreports inside cells in the main table.

The main table spans the width of the page and has several columns.  I have selected all cells of a particular row and merged them into a single cell for that row.  Inside that cell I have placed the subreport.

The problem I have is that the subreport aligns to the left and I cannot find a way to force it to align in the center of the report.
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Megan BrooksConnect With a Mentor SQL Server ConsultantCommented:
While I don't currently have a copy of SSRS 2005 to experiment with, I tried this with SSRS 2008 and initially I encountered the same thing. Playing around with it, though, I found that it works as I would expect provided that the column containing the subreport in the outer report is no wider than the subreport.

In other words, if you make the outer report column wider than the subreport then the extra space is always going to appear on the right -- it won't center -- but if the column is the same size as or narrower than the subreport then the subreport will fill the column with no extra space on the right.
LCNWAuthor Commented:
Well this sure is a frustrating limitation.  What I ended up doing was merging all columns into a single cell.  The outer report table is 8 inches wide so I made the subreport 8 inches wide and centered the controls in the subreport, which then renders centered in the main report.

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