HP ML350 G6 Network Performance

I am having an Issue with a Standard x64 Windows 2008 Install on a HP Proliant G6 Server. The Server is pretty built up 20gb RAM, Dual Quad Core Xeons, Dual Gig Broadcom NetExtreme Onboard Ethernet Ports. We have been Experiencing network performance Problems with the Server. The Server will sometimes transfer data upwards of 50mb/Sec, and other times it will only transfer at 15k/sec. I've Tried Firmware updates, Driver Updates, Changing Drivers.. and the transfer speed issue is random.. it'll work great for a day and then i'll come back.. and the servers still up, and it'll be slow transfer speeds again. We've had the System Board changed out with the same results and we've also installed the O/S with and without the Smartstart CD. Any Idea's would be very helpful
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When you're getting the slow transfer speeds to or from the server have you checked to see what's going on in the server at the time?  Is there anything in the system logs that might indicate what's going on?  What is the server connected to, a router, a switch, or some other networking device?  I'd start by looking at the server while it's doing the slow transfer to see what's up.
It seems you have done pretty much everything in terms of troubleshooting the Server components, I agree with djaburg, check the server log and see what is running when you lose Network latency, Also look what else is happening on the Network, and what about the switch, that could also most def be the cause of the problem, swop out the switch as it is easy to do, it might be a managed switch with the wrong settings...
vanndataAuthor Commented:
I have Swapped out the Switch the Server is connected to. I've tried 2 gig 24 port switches and 1 10/100 16 port switch, with similar results. The Switches are not managed, and i did that on purpose of the test to make sure no config's in the switch could be giving me the problems.  Also i have checked out the Event logs and am unable to find anything in there that gives me much information as to the cause of the problem.. i had some event id 57's but that was before i did the HP ILO updates..

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What is the security app installed on the server?

Disable or remove it and monitor the problem. Or you can do a clean boot to narrow down the problem:
1. Click Start, select RUN and type msconfig and press Enter.
2. On the Startup page, click Disable All.
3. On the Services page,select "Hide All Microsoft Services" and then click Disable All.
4. Click Apply and click OK, restart Server.

Hope this helps!
vanndataAuthor Commented:

i've already done that... and these are fresh installs of windows... clean boot offers up the same results
vanndataAuthor Commented:
I am posting again to see if anyone else has any other idea's
does the server have this behaviour from install or when you add your application/role?
vanndataAuthor Commented:
Server had the problem From the the O/S Build.
so from installing server 2003 and monitoring the network performance its instantly having these issues?

without security software applied?

Are all of your disks working correctly? monitor the disk throughput as you copy files over network and see if there is a drop.
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