ASA5510 and VLAN interface


I have a ASA5510 that have all the interfaces occupied but i need to add some more DMZ

If i dedicate an interface to the Ouside for Internet, can i have my LAN and one or two DMZ in the same interface and have access-list applied to it just like it would have been with physical interfacce ??


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Yes, as long as you have a vlan capable switch (802.1q)

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You have to create on one physical 2 or 3 subinterface. Then you configure those subinterfaces just as you used to do with the physical interace! connect the physical interface to a trunk port on you switch and you have created one or two DMZ
fox54Author Commented:
For security reason. is it best to have a physical interface for outside, a physical interface to inside (the LAN and also native VLAN1) and have trunking on the other ports to allow multiple DMZ ?

interface Ethernet0/0: Internet (security 0)
interface Ethernet0/1: LAN native VLAN1 security 100
interface Ethernet0/2.10 DMZ1 security 5
interface Ethernet0/2.20 DMZ2 security 10
interface Ethernet0/2.30 DMZ3 security 15

Also is there any security risk associated with this kind of setup ??

no real security issue. just remember you are sharing the bandwidth of the physical interface across three dmzs.
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