Can you use WIX with Dotfuscator?

I am using the Dotfuscator CE enhanced version in my current solution.  To that end, I added a Dotfuscator project to my solution, added the appropriate project output, and then built the project.  All of that worked without any issues.

I then went to modify my WXS file in my WIX project to point to the new EXE and DLLs required to run my application.  While the installation worked fine, the EXE would not run.  I then copied the Map.xml file into the deployment folder and that did not help either.

Can somebody please help me understand how to deploy a Dotfuscated EXE with WIX?

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Mike_MozhaevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dotfuscated exe starts just as a non-obfuscated one. And it has nothing to do with WiX.
Most probably some dependent assemblies are missing. Or there are some configuration problems.
Open your assembly in reflector and see what assemblies are referenced.
Or you can use fuslogvw.exe (from .NET SDK) to see assembly binding failures.

Does you application work being started from your working folder?
ktolaAuthor Commented:
As it turns out there is something wrong with Dotfuscator and assemblies signed with a PFX file.  The Dotfuscator people are trying to help out but I would love to hear from anybody who has had similar issues...
ktolaAuthor Commented:
As it turns out, Dotfuscator does not work with password-protected signing (i.e. PFX files).  Once I took that out and enabled the Built-In rules for the options I chose, everything worked properly.
ktolaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying to help!
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