Trouble Removing Last Public Database from Exchange 2007

Almost two years ago we installed Exchange 2007 and followed Microsoft Instructions how to remove the Exchagen 2003 server. We only had one 2003 server and now just the one 2007 server. We initially moved the public folders to the 2007 server, but now we no longer use them and all the folders have been deleted. However, I cannot removed the database because Exchange still thinks there is a Exchange 2003 server out there. Even when I run the BPA it thinks our old server is still around. Since I sstep by step followed instructions to remove the old server, something obviously was missed. Can someone point me to a document or some way to manually clean up the old Exchange 2003 server?
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esmith69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What about this article:
Is this the document that you already followed?:

Does the Exbpa gives error for Site folder Server deleted

Whats the error you are getting in exbpa which points to your old Exchange 2003 server
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gglollcAuthor Commented:
esmith - yes that is the one.
gglollcAuthor Commented:

When I start the exbpa it shouws our old server as a selection. If  run a scan on it its just says that it cannot contact the server.
gglollcAuthor Commented:
esmith. Right on. This did it in ADSIEdit.
administrative group, follow these steps:
Click Start, point to Programs, point to Windows 2000 Support Tools, point to Tools, and then click ADSI Edit.
Expand each of the following items:
Configuration Container
CN=Configuration, DC=Domain_Name,DC=com
CN=Microsoft Exchange
CN=Administrative Groups

You just had to delete the Exchange 2003 server container from Adsiedit

You were in the right location
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