RS 2005 Help for Image layout with data in Table

I have a report with 5 fields in a table and an associated image. I've been trying to find how to spread the image over all the rows so that the image is on the right and the fields are like bullits lined up on the right of the image. How do you list many feilds in one cell of a table or how do you spread an image over several rows in a table during the layout of SQL Reporting Services 2005?

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planoczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you go an drag n drop a rectangle on the cell, then you can place as many textboxes as you want inside the cell (the rectangle becomes a container for the txtboxes). From there you should be able to adjust your textboes, etc. for viewing. Each textbox will contain your Dataset field that you want to display.
MacNuttinAuthor Commented:
Awesome thanks that did it. Now my table has one row with image on the left column and rectange with 5  textboxes in it in the right column
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