Excel 2007 Not Enough Memory Error

We are getting an error in Excel 2007 and 2008. When trying to delete a single row, we get a Not Enough Memory error on both Excel 2007 on 7 Pro 64 Bit and Excel 2008 on OSX 10.6.
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Hi jasenr,

Sounds like a potentially corrupt Excel file.
First simple step: empty your temporary folders. Click Start, Run and type %temp%, click OK. (Re)move all files and folders from that path.

Other tips are provided here:
jasenrAuthor Commented:
Done, still same error. I don't have this problem on all the tabs on the sheet. It's just on one tab of the workbook. This tab has data in it, but has a TON of rows and columns that aren't used as far as I can tell. Is there a limit to what Excel can handle?
On this sheet, where does control+end take you?
If way past your data, delete all rows and columns (in turn) outside of the data range and save-as your file (so you don't mess with the original). See if it helps.

Also, there may be objects (charts, pictures, drawing objects) on top of this sheet. Hit F5, special, objects. If you do not get an error message (No objects found), then Excel will have selected one or more objects on the sheet. hit the tab key to step through them. Repeat the F5-Special sequence and hit the del key to get rid of them.

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