What to do before Retiring a Domain Controller

I would like to retire (turn off) an old Domain Controller.  

1.  All of the FSMO Roles have been moved to another Domain Controller.
2.  This is 1 of 2 total Global Catalogue Servers on the Domain.

Questions A: Do I need to remove the Global Catalog rights from this server before I Demote it?

Questions B:  After I demote this server, from being a Domain Controller, can I just turn it off?

Please reference a previous ticket.  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/File_Servers/Active_Directory/Q_25363156.html
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAsked:
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stevebradburyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If all your roles are moved to another DC, just run dcpromo and demote it, then you can shut it off and delete the computer account from AD.
LBizzleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep, transfer the roles and then dcpromo and remove it.

Yes, you need to remove GC or at least you need to assign another one first like you stated to be done. I would remove it as a GC though, it's as simple as removing the check box and will remove the server from the schema etc.. as a replication partner as opposed to having it removed during the demote process.

Yep, demote, turn off. Don't delete the AD account until you go a few days with no issues just in case you need to bring it back online.
LBizzleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, if it is running WINS & DNS I would remove those roles and make sure your helper addresses have been changed or any Group Policy designating the DNS servers etc.. are checked\changed.
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pubeheedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also if it was the PDCe and other orgs have trusts with you and are using lmhost files for their trust you will need to ask those 3rd partys  to update their files to use the other Dc's IP address.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:

1.  I have removed the GC option tonight.

2.  I will demote the Domain after business hours Thursday.

3.  This is still a DNS Server; but, no one is using it, for DNS now.
     a.  I will allow it to continue to be a DNS server ( I will not remove that role).

4.  Then, I will plan to turn off the server at the end of business on Friday.  

Sound good?
stevebradburyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yep should be just fine.
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