Sybase - how to access / read from a .db file?

I received a large (100+GB) .db file that was from a Sybase database.  This is for a project transition where we are inheriting a database from the current contractor.  I am not familiar with Sybase at all.  Here is the Sybase info:

Sybase Central version:
Adaptive Server Anywhere version:  (I think it should be Enterprise version)
PowerDesigner version:  9.5

I went to Sybase website and downloaded and installed trial versions of both Sybase Anywhere Developer and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

What I'm trying to achieve:
- Connect and query the .db file.  This is the primary goal.
- Possibly migrate to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Std.

I don't even know how to mount / access / connect to the .db file currently.  I would greatly appreciate some instructions on using one of these Sybase tools I have installed to correctly mount / connect to this .db file.

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First of all, it is ASA not ASE. Otherwise you wouldn't get a .db file. You can start it like the command below, if you have downloaded and installed a compatible version of ASA:

dbeng11 -n mydemo11 c:\demodb\demo.db

Then you can use client tools to connect to it. You can find manuals at that address:
AHSITAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I found ASE through here: - I didn't see an ASA product listed. In any case, I did try the command you posted, and I got this message:

Database cannot be started -- <my db name.db> was created by a different version of the software. You must rebuild this database in order to use it with SQL Anywhere 11.

The existing contractor uses this version: Adaptive Server Anywhere version:  

Is my only recourse to contact Sybase and purchase the older version? I really only need this for a couple of weeks.
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The file you have there isn't a database backup, it's the actual low-end device file used to store the native version of the database. ASA and ASE are not like MS Access where you can open the file in the application - these are native storage files and you need to be running the native database engine.

You do indeed need a compatible version of the engine to launch that database. It need not be an exact match for your version string, but the first two (and preferably first three) numbers should be the same. ie. you need ASA 9.0.1, although 9.0.2 would likely also work. 9.0.0 might work, I'm not sure.

Your best bet is to get the product install media from the existing contractor. Your chances of getting this from Sybase are slim as they usually can only sell the latest and greatest version of each product. Is ASA 9.0.x still considered a supported product? If not, you have next to no chance of getting it from Sybase.

Another path you might be able to follow would be to have the existing contractor produce a database backup for you. Unlike the .DB file you have right now, a database backup is more flexible. In particular, a later version of the engine (like the one you downloaded) would be able to restore from it. This is a more complicated method though, as you would need to have the engine running, and understand how to do the restore. You would need the active cooperation of the existing contractor for this, though.

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ASA 9 is no longer supported. Even its manuals are in the archive now.

I am not sure, but if you can download ASA 10, it might be able to upgrade that database file as it is the next version. It might require some additional steps to complete the upgrade though.
AHSITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for letting me know how I need to proceed.
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