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Set up OOO from OWA 2007

How can we setup OOO message from OWA 2007?

1 Solution
Enabling the Out of Office assistant
To enable the Out of Office Assistant:

1.In the upper right corner of the OWA window, click Options.

2.In the resulting window, on the left, click Out of Office Assistant.

3.On the right, select Send Out of Office auto-replies. You have several options:

a.To set a timeframe for the Out of Office auto-replies to begin and end, check Send Out of Office auto-replies only during this time period: . Then:

i.Next to "Start time:", use the menu to select the month and day, and then the time you want the Out of Office Assistant to start sending the auto-replies.
ii.Repeat for the "End time:".

b.To send a different message to users outside your organization, check Send Out of Office auto-replies to External Senders. Then, choose from the two options available:

¦Send Out of Office auto-replies only to senders in my Contacts list (Use this option to send the reply to senders outside of your organization but in your Contacts list.)
¦Send Out of Office auto-replies to anyone outside my organization
Both of these options are selected by default; you don't need to use this option if you want everyone, external or not, to get the same message.

4.Compose the auto-reply in the text boxes provided; if you choose to send a different message to external senders, remember to compose that one, too. In OWA Premium in Internet Explorer, you will see font and paragraph editing tools with which you can compose your message; in OWA Light, you will have only a text field and no formatting tools.

5.When finished, click Save.
anushahannaAuthor Commented:
right on the dot. Thanks very much.

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