Filemaker Admin Account Removed

I have made a pretty big boo-boo.

In an effort to rename files, I used the developer tool to create a new set of filemaker database names to preserve the relationships.

Unfortunately as it seems, months after doing so, I have discovered that the admin accounts were removed (a feature / checkbox available when creating the new file set).

Is there anyway of fixing this?  I've got tons of data entered since that time and would like to not have to recreate it.

Thanks in advance
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jvaldesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a copy of the data clone with the admin account and you can access the tables by ODBC you have a route to the fix.

Recover a backup that had admin accounts and use the ODBC drivers to bring the data in...
IF you didn't lock down ODBC you may be able to get to the data that way.
moondowgAuthor Commented:
So is there any way to recreate / restore the admin accounts?
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moondowgAuthor Commented:
but I cant access the data files because I don't have admin access to open them...correct?  I'm having no success via this route.  There has to be a fix for this.
If you have a copy of the database before you removed admin access then you should clone it and then use it to import the tables either from the admin account if it allows or from a direct connection through ODBC. You should be able to see the data with  a data entry account.
Sorry - there is no way to restore the Admin account if Developer or Advanced was used to remove it.
That's the way it should be - unfortunately, you just got burned by it.
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