Diablo 1 Resolution

I've installed and ran diablo 1 from an image inside VMWare, Win Xp pro. I've done this on a PC and a MAC and on both systems Diablo seems to run at only 640x480 in the center of the screen. It's very small and there is no option to change the resolution. What's the problem?
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Michael WorshamConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
It's not a VMware video problem, it's actually a game issue problem. The original Diablo's maximum resolution is 640X480, thus you can't set it any higher than that. That game only ran at very low resolutions in its native windows environment out of the box. Diablo 2 came out with an 800x600 option and that was touted as a big improvement over the original game.
ManyErrorsAuthor Commented:
Alright, thanks, I just changed the physical machine's resolution to compensate.
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