Formating reports retun as entered

When I populate an html field with text  now for example

    I hit enter 2 times you can see the white space

My report is as follows:
When I populate an html field with text  now for example I hit enter 2 times you can see the white space

I want my report to show the white space.  Di I need to run the field through some kind of JS or class.  I am generating the report from a jsp pulling from oracle.
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This is a HTML question, not a JSP question. The two things you need to use are
1) the wrap attribute in the textarea element  
2) the <pre> </pre> tags to display exactly what is sent to the browser.  

Please test the example below here in all browsers that you want to target.
Textarea test of wrap attribute
<form action="wrapTest.jsp">
<textarea name="ta" cols="20" rows="4" wrap="hard"></textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

Test !

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
The PRE tag is the preferred way but if you cannot use it for some reason you can always do a string replace in the Oracle call to replace the CR/LF with <br/>
gazdzidAuthor Commented:
can you tell me the cause when using wrap within the tags as seen below gives a warning

" Iwak0043E Undifined attribute name (wrap)."

<textarea name="CONTACT_ADDR_DESCR" id="CONTACT_ADDR_DESCR" onchange="trim('CONTACT_ADDR_DESCR', this.value)" cols="70" rows="3" wrap="hard" onkeydown="limitText(this.form.CONTACT_ADDR_DESCR,this.form.countdown,2000);" onkeyup="limitText(this.form.CONTACT_ADDR_DESCR,this.form.countdown,2000);"  >Location Specific - Directions</textarea></td>
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Which browser are you using ?
The wrap attribute is not standard HTML.  Did you try leaving it out ?  
There might be a way to do it with CSS.  You could ask at
gazdzidAuthor Commented:
I did try leaving it out and added  <pre> to the report.  I received the same warning.  Then I duplicated the field outside of the <table> the warning went a way.  can I have pre inside of a table?
gazdzidAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks it works!!
>can I have pre inside of a table?  
Yes.  Thanks for the points.
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